About OPRI

Chronology of Significant Events

Dec. 18, 1975 Founded as the Japan Foundation for Shipbuilding Advancement
Apr. 1, 1976 Established the Library of Japan Foundation of Shipbuilding Advancement, undertook a remote sensing project, and commenced management and technology analysis activities and management seminars for small and medium-sized shipbuilding and related industries.
Apr. 15, 1977 Began financing activities for non-profit organizations
Jul. 1, 1980 Began R&D into ocean oil pollution prevention measures and marine environment technology
Apr. 1, 1981 Began R&D into shipbuilding and related technologies
Nov. 1, 1981 Established the IMO Library
Apr. 1, 1983 Began activities to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the area of shipbuilding and transport
Apr. 1, 1989 Began activities related to development of CIM for the shipbuilding industry
Sep. 10, 1990 Changed its name from Japan Foundation for Shipbuilding Advancement to the Ship & Ocean Foundation (SOF)
Apr. 1, 1991 Began information gathering activities on overseas shipbuilding and started overseas cooperative operations
Jun. 16, 1992 Completed development of the world's first super-conducting MHD-propulsion ship, YAMATO-1, and made a successful test voyage at Kobe Port
Apr. 1, 1993 Began joint research into the development of the Northern Sea Route (INSROP)
Apr. 1, 2000 Began a Think Tank Project for ocean affairs
  • Activities related to forming researcher networks
  • Activities related to the preparation of policy proposals
  • Activities related to international cooperation
Jul. 20, 2000 Launched the "Ship and Ocean Newsletter"
Apr. 1, 2001 Took over administration of the WMU Sasakawa Fellowship Program from the Tokyo Foundation
Apr. 1, 2002 Founded the Institute for Ocean Policy within SOF
  • Research on the monitoring of semi-enclosed seas and bays (Ocean Diagnosis Project)
  • Research on ocean and coastal debris problems
  • Research on securing the oceans
Nov. 1, 2002 Held 1st Ocean Forum
Feb. 2004 Publication of the first Ocean White Paper
Apr. 1, 2005 Renamed as the Ocean Policy Research Foundation, to carry out research in the fields of ocean policy, maritime transport, security studies, coastal management, marine environment, marine education, and maritime technology
Nov. 2005 Compiled "The Proposal for the 21st Century Ocean Policy"
Apr. 2006 Began to serve as secretariat of the Basic Ocean Law Forum
Dec. 2006 Compiled "The Ocean Policy Outline" and "Basic Ocean Law Outline" at the Basic Ocean Law Forum
Jul. 2008 Officially granted special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Apr. 2013 The Ship & Ocean Foundation (SOF) shifted its legal status to that of a General Incorporated Foundation.
Jul. 2014 Received the Seventh National Maritime Award in the "Special Contribution to Marine-Based Development of Japan" category
Apr. 1, 2015 Merged with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF), while continuing previous activities under the new name of Ocean Policy Research Institute, SPF.