Advancing Maritime Domain Awareness 写真提供:海上自衛隊


海洋安全保障情報旬報 2021年6月21日-6月30日

 6月21日付のデジタル誌The Diplomatは、フランスSciences Po(パリ政治学院)のCentre for International Studies講師Earl Wangの“The EU’s Stake in the Taiwan Strait Issue”と題する論説を掲載し、そ … Read More

海洋安全保障情報旬報 2021年6月11日-6月20日

 6月11日付の印シンクタンクVivekananda International Foundation(VIF)のWebサイトは、VIF上席研究員Dr. Sreeradha Dattaの“Colombo Port City Project and Indian Concerns”と題する論説を掲載し … Read More

Recent Trends Regarding each actor's “Indo-Pacific Policy“ and FOIP

1. IntroductionIt has been more than three years since Japan promoted the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP)" concept and it became well known. Althou … Read More

[Special Edition] Interview with Kazumine Akimoto (Senior Research Fellow, OPRI-SPF), "The future of climate security and pandemic security"

RADM (JMSDF (Retired)) Kazumine Akimoto (Senior Research Fellow, OPRI-SPF) discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic may reshape globalization in the modern … Read More