Advancing Maritime Domain Awareness 写真提供:海上自衛隊

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海洋安全保障情報旬報 2020年7月21日-7月31日

 7月21日付の米シンクタンクCenter for International Maritime Securityのウェブサイトは、The U.S. Naval Academy教官Claude Berube米海軍予備役中佐の“Stand Up A Joint Interagency Task For … Read More

海洋安全保障情報旬報 2020年7月11日-7月20日

 7月15日付のデジタル誌The Diplomatは豪政治アナリストGrant Wyethの“ Will India Invite Australia to the Malabar Naval Exercise?”と題する論説を掲載し、ここでWyethはこれまで中国を刺激するとして、インド主催のマラ … Read More

A New Security Outlook Claimed by the COVID-19 Crisis

    According to the 3,300 years old “Gilgamesh Epic,” Gilgamesh, the king of the ancient city Uruk of Mesopotamia, with the help of his allied friend … Read More

The Philosophy and Practice of the"Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy (FOIP) " decoded from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website

Preface Since the autumn of 2017, the"Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy (FOIP) " has been attracting broad attention in Japan and around the world. … Read More