Author - Jun Nagashima


Jun Nagashima

Senior Research Advisor, Nakasone Peace Institute,Lt. Gen, JASDF (Ret.)

Jun Nagashima

European Security, New domains (space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum), Defense Technology Innovation

Lieutenant General (Retired) Jun Nagashima was born in 1960 in Tokyo, Japan. He served as a Government of Japan Cabinet Councillor starting in August 2013 and also as Deputy Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary, National Security Secretariat, from January 2014. He is the first military officer to hold the position of Cabinet Councillor in Japan. As an intelligence expert, his extensive career includes critical assignments as Defense Attaché, Liaison Officer to NATO and the EU, Embassy of Japan in Belgium; Director, Logistics (J-4), Joint Staff Office; and Defense Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Headquarters. He retired in August 2019. He is a graduate of the National Defense Academy and earned his Master’s Degree (European Security) from Tsukuba University. He attended the “Generals, Flag Officer and Ambassador Course” at NATO Defense College and “Transnational Security Cooperation Course” at APCSS.

He is a prolific writer of academic essays, including “Proliferation of Ballistic Missile and Security of East Asia,” Journal of National Defense (November 1994), which won the prestigious 1994 Kamiya Fuji Prize; and "Security cooperation between the indo-pacific and europe via the strengthening of japan-nato relations", Liberal international order Kajima institute of international peace, Oct. 2023, New space wars: From missile interception to satellite attacks,PHP Institute, Jan. 2024.

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