About International Information Network Analysis

From the Chief Editor

The IINA (International Information Network Analysis) website was launched by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in 2018 to provide the kind of timely and insightful analysis of international affairs that Japan needs to be able to contribute effectively to the peace and stability of a rapidly changing world and thereby ensure its own peace and prosperity. The SPF has long been actively engaged in international exchange in a broad range of fields, and this has given us a fuller understanding of the trends and forces that shape world events. Building on such assets, we hope to become a source of truly useful, unbiased information for policymakers and other experts in a world that is increasingly being inundated with “fake news.”

Tsuneo Watanabe

What Is IINA?

The IINA (International Information Network Analysis) website features articles providing ongoing analysis of international affairs that have been carefully selected for their objectivity, accuracy, timeliness, and relevance for Japan. The articles are categorized both by region—such as North America, China, and Europe—and by such topics as human security, nontraditional security threats, and cyber security. In addition to periodic reports by approximately 10 regular contributors, the site carries special articles by both in-house and outside experts. Articles offering expert commentary and analysis on evolving global developments are uploaded every two to three months.