The Japan–China Cooperation Department is the successor to the Sasakawa Japan–China Friendship Fund (originally launched in 1989), one of the largest private-sector programs supporting exchanges between Japan and China. From its establishment, the Fund promoted mutual understanding between the people of Japan and China and actively participated in efforts to build an environment for shaping constructive, cooperative ties between the two countries. In the future, the Department will organize people-to-people exchanges and dialogues in specific fields, provide information and facilitate an environment that can contribute to mutual understanding, and enhance the sharing of experiences and cooperation so as to advance both countries' society and economy. It will also maintain broad awareness about collaboration opportunities involving Japan, China, and other countries in East Asia and will explore new cooperation projects.

Projects List
of FY2018

Project Name Implementing Agency Year Budget
Japan-China Field Officer Exchange Program The Sasakawa Peace Foundation first year of five-year project 22,000,000yen
Training Project for Chinese Rural Community Leaders The Sasakawa Peace Foundation second year of three-year project 8,000,000yen
Information Sending by a Chinese SNS Application The Sasakawa Peace Foundation second year of three-year project 9,000,000yen
Invitation Program for Chines Journalists The Sasakawa Peace Foundation third year of five-year project 7,000,000yen
Website for Dissemination of Information Phase II The Sasakawa Peace Foundation five year of five-year project 8,500,000yen

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