Change from grant application to Idea Submission

Since its establishment in 1986, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) has focused on domestic and overseas grant projects as a private grant-making foundation.
However, in light of rapid changes in society and the international community in recent years, SPF has shifted its focus to developing and implementing innovative projects that can anticipate the needs of the current moment while also aligning with our central vision, mission, and program policy.
Therefore, we have updated our grant application process to a format more conducive to soliciting ideas for a broad range of projects that fall under SPF’s overall program priorities.
Through these changes, we aim to boost our flexibility and speed in pursuing collaboration with partners in Japan and around the world.
April, 2021

Idea Submission

SPF promotes collaboration with domestic and international research institutes, civil society organizations, and other groups guided by the fundamental principles laid out in our Mission Statement and Program Policy.
If you are interested in collaborating with our foundation, please fill out the idea submission form below. Due to the high volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond to each individual submission. If we are interested in learning more about your idea, we will contact you within 30 days.

Thematic areas eligible for idea submission (as of April 2021)


Foundations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions including universities, and organizations engaging in nonprofit activities are eligible to submit ideas. Ideas are welcome regardless of nationality.

General Conditions

Idea submissions including the following activities are ineligible:
● Purchase of real estate or other capital assets
● Subsidization of an organization’s operating expenses
● Purely theoretical research
● Disaster relief and other relief activities
●Events of a commercial nature
● Personal requests by individuals
● Applications for scholarships
● Creation of an endowment or other fund
●Purchase of equipment or other goods
● Cultural or artistic activities (exhibitions, dance performances, etc.)
● Activities for the purpose of profit

Please note:

・ Idea submissions can be sent throughout the year. While there is the possibility that an idea submission may lead to grant projects, please be aware that the rate of acceptance is extremely low.
・ If an idea submission leads to the creation of a grant project or other self-implemented project, we will follow up directly with additional information.
・ We are unable to answer inquiries regarding the status of idea submissions.
・ As a general rule, we do not accept submission by mail.
・ Privacy policy
The submitted ideas and personal information of the applicant will be used for examination within the foundation, preparation of statistical data, contact with the applicant, etc. Unless otherwise provided by law, we will not use this information for any purpose other than the above without the prior consent of the applicant. Please refer to SPF’s Privacy Policy page for details.


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