Social Media Policy

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (hereafter, “SPF”) uses social media to broadly inform society of the foundation’s activities. SPF strives to ensure compliance with applicable laws and to transmit information using appropriate expressions that are as free from misunderstanding as possible.

This Social Media Policy (hereafter, the “Policy”) sets forth the matters that SPF must strive to comply with when using social media accounts officially managed by SPF (hereafter, the “Official Accounts”), as well as matters that the public who use the Official Accounts (hereafter, the “Users”) must agree to (The Users agree to be bound to the Policy upon their utilization of the Official Accounts).

Scope of Application

The Policy applies to all of the Official Accounts managed by SPF. The term social media refers to online media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, LINE, WeChat, and others that allow the public to share and disseminate information. SPF’s Official Accounts include, but are not limited to, the accounts linked to the URLs below:

SPF’s official Facebook page

SPF’s official Twitter

spfnews’ official YouTube channel

Sasakawa Peace Foundation LinkedIn page

Operation Policy and Disclaimer

(1) When publishing information and opinions on the Official Accounts, SPF will make every effort to ensure that the information and opinions are as accurate as those on the SPF website ( However, SPF makes no guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness, fitness for a particular purpose, or usefulness of this information. In addition, SPF assumes no responsibility for content posted on the Official Accounts by the Users (text, images, videos, illustrations, etc.).

(2) SPF will check the posts on the Official Accounts as much as possible. However, please be aware in advance that SPF may not be able to respond to comments or questions.

(3) SPF may not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Official Accounts, except in cases of intentional or gross negligence on the part of SPF. In addition, SPF may not be held responsible for any problems between third parties related to the Official Accounts.

(4) If posts that include any of the following are made to the Official Accounts, SPF may hide or delete all or part of the posts, block the accounts of the users who made the posts, or take any other action deemed necessary or appropriate by SPF without notifying the users who made the post.

 (a) content that damages the reputation or credibility of a particular person or organization
 (b) discrimination and violent expressions
 (c) content that infringes on privacy, publicity, or intellectual property rights
 (d) content that is offensive or disruptive to public order and morals
 (e) content that is not in line with the context of the Official Account posts
 (f) incitement of confrontation
 (g) false or untruthful content 
 (h) items that are illegal or that may constitute criminal activities
 (i) inappropriate content, such as obscene expressions, etc.
 (j) content for commercial purposes
 (k) political activities beyond the expression of opinions
 (l) propagation of a particular ideology or religion  
 (m) content looking down on a particular race, religion, ideology, nationality, etc.
 (n) obvious pranks or meaningless posts (empty posts, meaningless series of characters, duplicate posts with substantially similar contents, etc.)
 (o) content linked to suicide or self-harming behaviors
 (p) items including malicious links, scripts, and programs
 (q) spam
 (r) any content in violation of the terms of use of individual social media platforms
 (s) other content that SPF deems inappropriate


Unless otherwise stated, SPF owns the copyright to the content (text, images, videos, illustrations, etc.) transmitted through the Official Accounts. The use of this content (including reproduction, modification, distribution, etc.) without prior permission is prohibited.
The copyright of all content (text, images, videos, illustrations, etc.) posted by the Users​​ to the Official Account belongs to the Users. However, SPF is free to use the copyrighted contents in such posts in connection with the public interest activities as part of the foundation’s projects.

Handling of Personal Information

SPF is committed to comply with its privacy policy ( 

Note: This Policy is an English translation of the Japanese original. In the event of any discrepancies between the English translation and the original text, the Japanese Policy takes precedent.

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