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Annual publication of OPRI for ocean issues in Japan and around the world
English-language versions of papers from the Japanese edition of "Ocean Newsletter".

Discussion articles for ocean issues written by current and previous members of OPRI

OPRI members are joining as authors.


Palau, 7-8 December 2020 (postponed in 2021)

Organizer: The Government of the Republic of Palau

Our Ocean 2020
Our Ocean 2020 will focus on six Areas of Action, convening partners from across the globe to identify solutions to manage marine resources, increase the ocean’s resilience to climate change and safeguard its health for generations to come.

Online Webinar, 23 July 2020

Organizer: Economist, Nippon Foundation, Sasakawa Peace Foundation

The Blue Recovery Series: Ensuring a robust ‘blue’ recovery in Asia and the Pacific
We explore what opportunities are offered by the economic pause to ignite a sustainable blue recovery and bolster policies for a sustainable ocean in Asia and the Pacific, and how practically these can be realised.