“Information Divide”-Associated Difficulties Faced by Overseas Migrants from Pacific Island Nations

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Hopes for better education and income, family circumstances, and health reasons have led many residents of the Federal States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and other island nations to migrate to the United States. However, migrants face an “information divide” that prevents them from obtaining adequate information on daily life and employment in their destination, the United States, while still in their home countries. This situation is becoming a major problem among migrants in terms of their post-immigration life and employment. The elimination of this “information divide” has become a pressing issue for the international community, particularly given concerns that rising sea levels associated with climate change will force many people―especially citizens of atoll countries―to relocate to other countries in the future. One realistic solution here could be to broadcast regular programs presenting “things that people planning to migrate to the United States should know” on medium-wave radio, which is the only medium that is widely available to citizens of these nations.

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