Ocean Shot Research Grant: Commencement of Funding for Selected Projects

We are pleased to announce the initiation of the Ocean Shot Research Grant, a program dedicated to advancing innovative studies for the better understanding and sustainable management of our oceans. After careful evaluation of 30 outstanding proposals from Japan (11), Europe (9), the United States (7), Oceania (2), and Africa (1), we have chosen four projects we consider exceptional to receive funding:


Call for Participation in the International Ocean Human Resource Development Project (2024 Spring)

The Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation sees the development of ocean leaders who will promote and realize the sustainable use of our ocean for the next generation as an urgent issue and is working from 2022 to support 100 young people over five years and to provide programs that use various vessels or international conferences as a platform for the youth capacity development.


Announcement: OPRI joined the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership as the first institute from Japan

To promote Blue Economy Evaluation Research, OPRI joined the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership (GOAP) as the first institute from Japan.

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In order to comprehensively and cross-sectorally respond to various marine problems and issues, we are developing research and think-tank activities from the perspectives of both policy and science, aiming at comprehensive management and sustainable development of the ocean.

About OPRI

In order to pass on the oceans to future generations in a healthy state, we will contribute to solving various ocean-related problems and aim to establish a new ocean governance.

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