About OPRI

Pioneers for a Sustainable Ocean

As a Think, Do, and Innovate-Tank, the Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) takes a comprehensive view on a wide range of ocean-related issues, analyzing challenges through a scientific approach that integrates the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities. We propose feasible strategies to serve as reference for policymakers in the international community and strive to engender an environment conducive to making these policies a reality. At OPRI, we are committed to using policy research approaches to assist in resolving the myriad marine challenges we face and help establish a new ocean governance so that we may ensure future generations can enjoy healthy waters for years to come.



The Blue Economy

OPRI conducts policy research on the Blue Economy, a framework that assesses the value and risks associated with ocean-related economic pursuits and attempts to balance sustainable use with conservation of marine and coastal resources. By championing initiatives such as ocean-derived carbon credits and scenario-based analyses of marine industry development, we aim to promote a sustainable and more resilient ocean economy.


The Oceans and the Environment

We work to ensure the ocean takes center stage in international rule-making forums by incorporating key marine issues into international treaties. OPRI also conducts research and presents policy proposals on climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, thereby helping further relevant domestic and international discussions.


Ocean Governance

As we continuously update our understanding of the various phenomena occurring in oceans around the globe, OPRI seeks to propose a new form of ocean governance, which can ensure stable and sustainable utilization of our world’s ocean.


Ocean Science—Illuminating the Oceans from Underwater and from Space

OPRI believes we must integrate innovations that shed light on the hidden depths of the world’s oceans with data on every ocean collected via space to bring about the realization of a marine Society 5.0. Additionally, we propose strategies for efficient observation systems and information collection measures that can assist in finding solutions to ocean issues.


Ocean Education and Investing in Scholars

In schools throughout Japan, OPRI provides education support to encourage greater understanding of the connection humanity shares with the oceans. These initiatives double as opportunities to cultivate talented individuals who can one day go on to join marine conservation efforts and help foster sustainable ocean development and utilization. Likewise, we sponsor scholarships at World Maritime University to nurture international talent and networks connecting people around the globe.


Sharing the Depths of Our Knowledge and Capacity Building

OPRI is committed to helping formulate international ocean policymaking and spread awareness about the oceans. To this end, we publicize information that draws from our research and policy proposals via diverse communication outlets such as our websites, publications, and events.








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