About OPRI

Examples of Our Main Research and Development Activities

The situation concerning the ocean has changed greatly in recent years, so that it is no longer sufficient to concentrate on promoting shipbuilding and marine industries. Instead, there is an increasing need to address the ocean from a broader perspective and respond to various international problems across the soft-hard spectrum, not only through technological development but also through policy support and international cooperation and coordination. While OPRI has made many contributions to Japan's maritime transport, shipbuilding, and related industries, we are now strengthening our initiatives across a wide range of ocean fields. The fruits of these efforts will support our country's policies as well as international cooperation. We here introduce a selection of our R&D activities

Japan's Ocean Policy

The Ocean Policy Research Institute is engaging in the following discussions and making policy proposals on the state of ocean policies in Japan.

Studies on Coastal Zone Management and Marine Environment

Research and Development for Land-based Abalone Aquaculture System Using Refrigerated Ship Containers, Research and Study on the Debris Problem in the Oceans and Coastal Zones

Previous Studies

Ocean Policy, Maritime Traffic

Support for Extending the Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf, International Straits Cooperation Framework for Coastal and User States

Maritime Technology Research

Research for Reduction of Greenhouse Gases from the International Maritime Sector, Establishing a Future Framework for Minimizing Risks from Bio-fouling, Long-term Vision for Maritime Industries, Research on Exhaust Gas from Ships, Innovations in Production Systems -- "Shipbuilding CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)" and "ZoHaku Web", Development of a Super-conducting Propulsion Ship

Research and Development by the Technology Development Fund

For progress in the world economy, development of new technologies related to the sea such as safe maritime transportation, ocean development, utilization of ocean space, and reduction of environmental impact are necessary.