Maritime Security

Support and Promotion of Maritime Security Exchanges

As the importance of sealanes as main arteries for the global economy continues to increase, marine resources are being actively developed in response to the surge in demand for food and energy supplies. While all countries continue to deepen their involvement with the ocean, the maritime security environment is currently extremely unstable, given the threat of piracy to marine transportation, disputes between states over territorial rights to islands and border demarcations for jurisdictional rights over ocean space, and the effects on ocean areas of historical land-based conflicts, etc.

MARINT Monthly Report

From April 2013, we present "Intelligence Analysis" on particularly noteworthy information related to security, policy, and diplomatic issues related to maritime affairs, international treaties and arrangements, maritime industry, marine resources, the oceanic environment, and other issues.

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From the Oceans

Center for Island Studies

The Center for Island Studies was established in 2012 to collect and compile historical and other documents in regard to the various issues concerning the Japanese islands. The Center maintains a scholarly perspective in its research, focusing on analyses of Japan's island problems from an historical and international law approach.

Details can be found at the following link: /islandstudies/

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