About OPRI

The Ocean Policy Research Institute, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation was established as the Japan Foundation for Shipbuilding Advancement in 1975. Along with expansion of its activities, however, in 1990 the name of the foundation was changed to the Ship & Ocean Foundation. In 2002, it organized within itself the Institute for Ocean Policy, SOF, and from 2005 began operating under the name of the Ocean Policy Research Foundation. Following its merger with The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, in April of 2015, it is now known as The Ocean Policy Research Institute, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, and actively works towards the comprehensive management and sustainable development of the ocean.

From its beginnings in the promotion of shipbuilding and marine technology development, the Ocean Policy Research Institute now carries out research and think tank activities from both policy and science perspectives, aiming at the comprehensive management and sustainable development of the ocean so as to address a wide range of ocean problems and issues in a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary manner. The following are some of the initiatives undertaken in recent years by OPRI in the hopes of making Japan a true maritime state.

Opening Comments

Initiatives on Ocean Policy

With the aim of promoting the "Co-existence between Man and the Ocean," the Ocean Policy Research Foundation, the predecessor of the Ocean Policy Research Institute, started think-tank activities including research, policy proposals and information distribution on ocean policies in 2000, contributing to the enactment of the Basic Act on Ocean Policy in 2007.

Afterwards, it has also been actively participating in international conferences and debates on ocean governance, materialized the 12 fundamental measures outlined in the Basic Act on Ocean Policy, carrying out think-tank activities to advance their implementation.

The Ocean Policy Research Institute plans to continue the activities of the Ocean Policy Research Foundation and inherit the personnel who support them, the expertise and its networks, and conduct research, communication and information sharing activities regarding the ocean inside and outside Japan.

Examples of Our Main Research and Development Activities

The situation concerning the ocean has changed greatly in recent years, so that it is no longer sufficient to concentrate on promoting shipbuilding and marine industries. Instead, there is an increasing need to address the ocean from a broader perspective and respond to various international problems across the soft-hard spectrum, not only through technological development but also through policy support and international cooperation and coordination. While OPRI has heretofore made contributions to Japan's maritime transport, shipbuilding, and related industries, in addition we are now strengthening our initiatives in a wide range of ocean fields. The fruits of these efforts contribute to support of our country's policies as well as to international cooperation. We here introduce a selection of our past R& D activities.