Information Dissemination about the Ocean

The Ocean Policy Research Institute, a think-and-do tank for ocean issues, puts great effort into disseminating information on the ocean to ensure that the fruits of its scientific research and policy proposals are made use of by society. Through this active dissemination of scientific research results, policy proposals, and domestic and overseas activities regarding the oceans, it not only helps promote ocean policies but works to increase knowledge and understanding, as well as encourage public debate, about the ocean among the population at large.

White Paper on the Oceans and Ocean Policy

The Ocean Policy Research Institute issued its first White Paper on the Oceans and Ocean Policy in 2004. In order to contribute to comprehensive and inter-disciplinary initiatives on Japan's ocean problems, the White Paper, published every year, adopts a "comprehensive ocean management perspective" on happenings and activities in the ocean and coastal zones.

Ocean Newsletter

The "Ocean Newsletter" (previously known as the "Ship & Oceans Newsletter") is published to facilitate a wide range of discussion and exchange on oceanic topics, in order to raise the awareness of the importance of the world's oceans and their resources.

Ocean Forum

For the development of Japan as a maritime state, surrounded as it is by ocean, we believe that we must share information and exchange ideas about the ocean, and make sure, by combining our strengths, that the necessary input is reflected in ocean policy. (Available in Japanese only)