Ocean Policy

Project Outline

Background and Objective

Our investigative studies aim to discuss the formulation of fundamental measures to promote comprehensive ocean management as outlined in the Basic Act on Ocean Policy. From FY2007 to FY2010, we discussed the state of legislative systems for the comprehensive management of the Exclusive Economic Zones and continental shelf, and compiled our findings into the "Policy Proposals on the Integrated Development, Use and Conservation of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Continental Shelf." Following this, we have been discussing measures to promote integrated coastal management (ICM) to appropriately manage the land and sea areas, where various issues, such as the conflict of interest accompanying the deterioration, development and use of the ocean environment, have been occurring since FY2011.

Ocean Policies of Other Countries

The Ocean Policy Research Institute not only discusses the state of ocean policies in Japan, but also continues to conduct investigations on the ocean policy initiatives undertaken by other countries and the international community.

Reports,Proposals & Perspectives