Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)

Project Outline

Background and Objective

The Basic Act on Ocean Policy entered into force in 2007, and "Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)" was stipulated in Article 25 of the Act. This was the first time that the concept was stipulated as a law in Japan. Through this action, ICM was clearly defined as one of the twelve fundamental measures that Japan should promote, and for which necessary measures must be taken.
In the Revised Basic Plan on Ocean Policy of 2013, it is stated that measures should be promoted to manage land areas and sea areas in an integrated manner by revitalizing coastal areas, preserving and reclaiming the marine environment, taking countermeasures against natural disasters, and improving convenience for local residents.

Contents of Research

In order to spread and promote ICM, as shown below, we carry out a wide range of activities, including model projects supporting local governments that are actively involved with ICM, providing training opportunities for personnel development, hosting meetings to establish a network, and making policy proposals to the government and relevant institutions.

Activities in the model sites

Power Up ICM Training

We organize a training program every year to enhance the capacities of the personnel who lead the development of ICM plans and facilitate the implementation at ICM model sites. Those who are in charge of ICM in municipal governments and relevant stakeholder parties are invited to the training program, which consists of lectures and workshops.

ICM Network Meeting

We also organize an ICM Network Meeting every year to facilitate information exchange among the local entities to facilitate its implementation and strengthen ties among ICM model sites. We also co-organized "PNLG (PEMSEA Network of Local Governments) Forum 2013", which was held in Shima City to network ICM sites in East Asia.

Ocean Diagnosis/ Comprehensive Management of Forests, Rivers and Oceans

We develop diagnostic methods that are essential for accommodative Integrated Coastal Management (ICM).

Reports,Proposals & Perspectives