Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Education

Project Outline

Background and Objective

Of the 12 fundamental measures specified in the Basic Act on Ocean Policy enacted in 2007, the 9th concerns the "Comprehensive Management of Coastal Areas," points out the importance of integrated management of land and sea areas, and requires the appropriate measures to be taken by stating that "The State shall take necessary measures for the coastal sea areas and land areas, where recognized as suitable for the measures to be implemented in a unified manner upon natural and social conditions, to be managed properly, by the regulatory and other measures to the activities implemented in an integrated manner (Article 25)". In view of cultivating the necessary personnel to implement these management activities, we will endeavor to lay down the inter- and cross-disciplinary educational structures at various universities, to cultivate people with expert knowledge to put the comprehensive management of coastal areas into practice.

Research Contents

To spread and promote Integrated Coastal Management Education, we engage in related activities such as producing model curricula for undergraduate and graduate courses at universities, supporting actions at individual universities and graduate schools, and producing introductory books as follows.

Actions taken by Universities and Local Governments

Production of Introductory Books

For the purpose of cultivating personnel who will play a leading role in Integrated Coastal Management of our country, introductory books are produced to enable understanding of the interdisciplinary and cross-cutting concepts of ICM, and to demonstrate what ICM means through innovative examples of such management.

Reports,Proposals & Perspectives