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FY2001 Annual Reports

Category Regular Publicaitons
Regular Projects/Special Funds The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Author/Editor The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

  • FY 2001 Annual Report, part one (PDF170.3KB)
    Chairman's Message
    SPF Chairman Setsuya Tabuchi
    The Linked Destinies of the Islamic World and Japan
    Japan and the Islamic World: Toward the Building of a New Relationship
    Daisaburo Hashizume, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Yasushi Kosugi, Professor, Kyoto University
    Ken'ichi Matsumoto, Professor, Reitaku University
    Moderator: Akira Iriyama, President, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
    What Japan Means to the Arab and Islamic World: What is Now Demanded of Us?
    E. Tevfic Unaydin, formar Turkish Ambassador to Malasia
    Ibrahim Almajid, Director, Arabic Islamic Institute, Tokyo
    Kamal Aly Gaballa, Tokyo Bureau Chief, Al-Ahram
    Moderator: Akira Iriyama, President, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  • FY 2001 Annual Report, part two (PDF 2.0MB)
    FY2001 Projects
    Regular Projects
    I.Toward the Coexistence of Pluralistic Values
    II.Fostering Human Security and Private Nonprofit Activities
    III.Japan and Asia in the World
    Ⅳ.Projects in the Maritime and Transportation Fields
    Special Funds
    The Sasakawa Pacific Island Nations Fund
    The Sasakawa Japan-China Friendship Fund
    The Sasakawa Central Europe Fund Fund
    The Sasakawa Pan Asia Fund