Senior Research Fellow, Division of Ocean Policy Research
Senior Program Officer, Ocean Policy Planning and Management Team
Ocean Policy Research Institute of The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Dr. Yuta Komori studied political science at the College of Law and Graduate School of Law, Nihon University. After the graduation, Dr. Komori worked as research fellow and lecturer at some Universities and Institutes, a secretary of the member of the House of Representatives, a manager of a startup company and an executive director of some NPOs. Also he received Ph.D. degree from the Graduate School of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University and has worked at the Ocean Policy Research Foundation (currently the Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation) since October 2013.


Security and Peace Studies, Theories of States, Political Systems/Political Process, Research Administration


Y. Komori (2021), “A Study on New Maritime Security in Responding to Climate Change: Toward a Departure from "Land-Centric Approach", FROM THE OCEANS Intelligence Analysis, No.34, pp.162-170. [in Japanese]

Y. Komori (2020), "Conservation and Management of Japan's Remote Border Islands from the Perspective of Maritime Security: To secure public peace under the "new normal", FROM THE OCEANS Intelligence Analysis, No.28, pp.124-134. [in Japanese]

Y. Komori (2019), “Basic Study concerning the Creation of a New International Structure to Protect the Seas: Based on the Eurasia blue belt”, FROM THE OCEANS Intelligence Analysis, No.23, pp.130-141.

Y. Komori (2018), “Maritime Security Initiatives in Japan and Future Challenges: An opportunity to evaluate the second Basic Plan on Ocean Policy”, FROM THE OCEANS Intelligence Analysis, No.19, pp.66-92.



N. Matsuoka and Y. Komori (2021), "A Study on the Marine Accident Inquiry System in Japan: Focusing on its position as an administrative institution", Ocean Policy Studies, No.15, pp.79-101. [In Japanese]

Y. Komori (2020), “A Study on New Ocean Governance: Perspective from the Blue Infinity Loop”, Ocean Policy Studies, No.14, pp.49-71. [In Japanese]





Japanese Political Science Association
Japan Association for Comparative Politics
Japan Association for International Security
Japan Society of Ocean Policy
Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies
The Japanese Association of Law and Political Science
International Political Science Association
The American Political Science Association
Meiji University Political Science and Economics Association


Senior Research Fellow and Senior Program Officer of OPRI-SPF (July 2022-Present)
Adjunct Lecturer (Special Studies in Human Life Sciences C) at Faculty of Human Life Sciences, Jissen Women's University (April 2022-present)
Adjunct Lecturer (Political Science) at Faculty of Education, Himeji University (April 2021-March 2022)
Research Fellow and Program Officer of OPRI-SPF (October 2017-June 2022)
Research Fellow and Associate Program Officer of OPRI-SPF (April 2016-September 2017)
Project Research Fellow of Ocean Affairs Department, Ocean Policy Research Foundation (October 2013-March 2016)
Postdoctoral Fellow at Center of Career Development and Support, University of Fukui (April 2013-September 2013)
Lecturer (Part-time) at School of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University (April 2012-March 2014)
Postdoctoral Fellow at Strategic Organization for Research and Intellectual Property, Meiji University (April 2012-March 2013)


Ph.D. from Meiji University (March 2012)
M.A. from Nihon University (March 2007)
LL.B. from Nihon University (March 2005)