Director/Senior Research Fellow
Ocean Policy Research Institute of The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  • Marine Acoustics
  • Ocean Noise

Tomonari Akamatsu is Director at Policy Research Department of OPRI, SPF. He was educated theoretical physics at Tohoku University and received Ph.D. (agriculture) from Nihon University in 1996. His majors are underwater bioacoustics and passive acoustic monitoring of aquatic creatures. He was a senior researcher of National Research Institute of Fisheries Science until 2019 and temporarily studied at National Institute of Polar Research and Thomas Hunt Morgan School of Biological Sciences, University of Kentucky as a visiting scholar. He was an associate editor of Journal of the Marine Acoustic Society of Japan, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, Journal of Ethology and committee member of marine environmental assessment organized by Ministry of the Environment, NEDO, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. He is a member of cetacean and sirenian specialists groups of IUCN, ISO/TC43/SC3, IEEE/OES Japan chapter. He serves for the Technical committee of Animal Bioacoustics of The Acoustical Society of America, Nominations and Elections Committee of The Society for Marine Mammalogy and various academic services. He was awarded competitive research grants such as CEST, KAKENHI and BRAIN and published over 100 peer reviewed papers.


Underwater bioacoustics, Marine acoustics, Acoustic remote sensing, Noise impact assessment







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2020- Director, Policy Research Department, OPRI-SPF
2015-  Senior Researcher, National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency
2000-  Senior Researcher, National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering, Fisheries Research Agency
1999-2000 Visiting Scholar, University of Kentucky, U.S.A.
1997  Visiting Scholar, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan
1989-  National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering


Nihon University         Ph.D.                1996                 Agriculture
Tohoku University       M.A.               1989                 Physic