2. Geography



Academic studies on and field surveys of the Senkaku Islands have been conducted since before they became part of Japanese territory. In 1900, the scholars Kuroiwa Hisashi and Miyajima Mikinosuke visited the Senkakus in response to a request from Koga Tatsushiro, who planned to develop the islands. Their survey reports were included in Chigaku zasshi (Journal of Geography), published by the Tokyo Geographical Society. Since the end of World War II there have been numerous surveys, including five by the University of the Ryukyus and the academic study and survey regarding potential development for usage conducted by the Japanese government via the former Okinawa Development Agency in 1979. (Reports from the University of the Ryukyus surveys were collated and published by the Senkaku Island Documentary Material Compilation Association under the name Takara Gakujutsu Chosadan [Takara Academic Research Group]). Geographical data from these surveys relating to location, area, and other factors is summarized and archived in this section.

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A. Location_ area_ and other geographical data

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B. Topography and geology

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