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BoP Product Incubation Project BoP Sector Report (Water, Lighting, Cookstove)

Category Survey Reports
Regular Projects/Special Funds The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Year of Publication 2013.03
Note Project:BOP Products Incubation by Social Entrepreneurs

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) initiated the project "BOP Multi-Sector Study and BOP Products Incubation" in partnership with the UNDP in October 2012 with the following objectives:
  • Identify sustainable technologies as well as the business model on clean energy and water that have the potential to solve problems faced by the people in the BOP;
  • Conduct technology testing and collection of feedback in selected communities;
  • Further develop promising clean energy and water technologies through collaboration between Japanese and other social entrepreneurs/manufacturers.
  • Gain insight on right expansion models for the BOP technologies and facilitate resource mobilization for the most promising technologies.
BOP populations spend on clean water services and clean energy is over USD 450 billion, representing significant social and financial 'inclusive business' opportunities for corporations. This study seeks to identify high-potential technologies in clean water and clean energy that offer scalable solutions to problems faced by the BOP. The report includes detailed reviews of three sectors (safe water, lighting, cooking) to identify high-potential technologies that represent interesting opportunities for Japanese companies