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SPF PROGRESS Now Inaugural Preview Issue

Category Other
Regular Projects/Special Funds The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Year of Publication 2011.06
Author/Editor The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Inaugural Message
This is the tools that the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) uses to disseminate the findings of its projects. The goal of this publication is to share with you SPF's views on various issues as well as our efforts to find solutions for them. This inaugural publication represents an interim progress report of our findings, and your honest input will enable us to take the next step toward achieving the most significant results.
If you have feedback or want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact our public relations staff or explore the SPF website.

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Public Relations)
Table of contents
    PROGRESS Now Inaugural Preview Issue Global Demographic Change and Labor Migration in Asia Project
    Japan stands at a major crossroads today.
    Topic 1: Economic Impact of Accepting Foreign Workers
    Topic 2: Findings from an International Comparison of Immigration Policy
    Topic 3: Multicultural Community Building in Japanese Communities
    Diversity as a Driving Societal Force
  • SPF Column
    Civilizations Do Not Have to Clash
    Dr. Ibrahim Kalin, Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister of Turkey
  • Project in Progress: Peace and Security
    Japan’s Strategic Horizon and Japan-US Relations
    Strengthening Maritime Surveillance in Three Micronesian Nations
    General Overview of Japan-China Exchange and
    Dialogue on Security Project
    Addressing an Avian Flu Pandemic through
    Intraregional Cooperation Project
  • Project Briefs
    Strengthening Economic Survey Capacity in Lao PDR Project
    Website about Japan for Arab Readers
    Published Report and Website on US-Japan Relations