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Political Leadership and Diversity - Global trends and Japan's path to take

Category Conference Transcripts/Minutes
Regular Projects/Special Funds Regular
Year of Publication 2016.03
Description As symbolized by so-called "Womenomics", Japan is currently intensifying its efforts in promoting women's empowerment. However, women's participation in politics remains low. The number of female member of the House of Representatives in Japan is only 9.5 % - ranked 119th in the world. The disparity between men and women in politics is very large worldwide - the average rate of female MPs in the world is only 22%. In light of such condition, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, in collaboration with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), began research on the programs and initiatives in place aimed at promoting women's political participation, and shed light on issues which we face in Japan. In this Symposium, we invited two experts from IDEA on this topic to discuss the theme of "Political Leadership and Diversity - World trends and Japan's path to take". The panelists discussed the initiatives carried out throughout the world which aims at diversifying leadership position in politics, and to create an environment where different opinions are heard. They also discussed a possible consequence of diversity by classifying political leaders based on sex, age and other elements.
Note Project Name: Comparative Approaches to Inclusive Participation and Representation of Women in Politics