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BoP Technology Study and Product Incubation - Agriculture Sector Study

Category Survey Reports
Regular Projects/Special Funds Regular
Year of Publication 2014.03
Note Project:BOP Products Incubation by Social Entrepreneurs

BoP Technology Study and Product Incubation:
Agriculture Sector Study

BOP population have yearly income from agriculture of USD 2.0 to 2.5 trillion, with proportion of the labor force involved in agriculture ranging from 35% - 70% in many countries (e.g. India, China, Nigeria). This represents significant social and financial 'inclusive business' opportunities for corporations. This study seeks to identify high-potential technologies in agriculture industry, with the special focus on rice processing. The report includes detailed reviews of the sector to identify high-potential technologies that represent interesting opportunities for Japanese companies.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Context and approach
  • 2. Sector reviews
    • 2.1. Agricultural mechanization
      • 2.1.A. Review of the issue
      • 2.1.B. Existing technologies and technology comparison
      • 2.1.C. Review of business models and key players
    • 2.2. Rice processing
    • 2.3. High level review of other technology areas
  • Recommendations for Japanese involvement
  • Appendix