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Alliance for Disaster Assistance in the Asia-Pacific Region

Implementing Agency Civic Force (Japan) Year 3/3
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 13,500,000yen
Project Outline
In Asia in recent years, there have been several natural disasters, with particularly severe damage occurring in developing countries. In light of this situation, continuous activities to enable rapid provision of aid and emergency relief at times of large-scale disasters, and to assist with reconstruction/disaster prevention efforts are of the utmost importance. According to a preliminary investigation, financial circles in Asian countries, having recently experienced economic growth, are putting capital into support for disaster-struck areas, and local administration, corporations and NPOs are working together to provide aid. Furthermore, there is increasing momentum and demand for mechanisms for mediation between the supporting and supported countries.  
The objective of this project is to use the Japanese model of communication between aid agencies (a platform comprised of government, corporations and NGOs, which redistributes funds from government and corporations to NGOs in order to enable rapid and transparent provision of aid) to construct a communication mechanism linking disaster support organizations at the country or regional level in Asia, and thereby increase disaster prevention capacity in a cross-border manner and reduce the damage caused by large-scale disasters.