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Regular Promotion of Mutual Understanding between Priority Regions and Japan~Exchange Program between Japan and The United States


Japan's Global Engagement

Implementing Agency The Project 2049 Institute (USA) Year 2011
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 7,700,000yen
Project Outline
The Project 2049 Institute, U.S. think tank established in January 2008, conducts forward-looking, region-specific research on alternative security and policy solutions. The Sasakawa Peace Foundation will support part of an initiative that the Institute inaugurated in order to highlight Asia’s growing international relationships and influence, entitled “Asia and the World,” which is an educational and intellectual exchange-based program among the next generation of American policy experts. The program centers around a series of roundtable discussions among these young experts on current concerns in U.S. Asia policy and the implications of global developments for the Asia region, as well as study tours to Asian countries to exchange opinions with policy experts in these countries. SPF will support a part of these efforts that focus on Japan’s foreign policy and role in international affairs and involve Japan experts or Japanese visiting scholars, and also a study tour to Japan by several young and promising future U.S. policy experts.
Implementation Plan
The following activities will be implemented:
  • Research and interviews (in Washington, D.C. and Tokyo):
    To gain knowledge of the current state of Japanese economic and political relations, such as its Official Development Assistance (ODA) policies and diplomatic efforts with strategically-important regions as well as regional and international organizations, participants will undertake literature research and interview experts.
  • Short papers:
    Project 2049 Institute will select internal and external researchers to identify specific topics that warrant detailed analysis and write short papers on these topics, which will be released on the Institute’s website.
  • "Leadership Program” (throughout the year, in Washington, D.C.):
    The Leadership Program, led by the Project 2049 Institute, involves several seminars and dinner meetings among approximately twenty young influential and promising individuals in the U.S. government and Congress to discuss current concerns in U.S. Asia policy and the implications of global developments for the Asia region , Each seminar will host and feature a senior expert, such as Deputy U.S. Trade Representative and ambassadors to the United States from Asian countries. The Sasakawa Peace Foundation will support a part of this effort, including a seminar with a Japan expert or Japanese visiting scholars in the United States.
  • U.S.-Japan Joint Workshop (August 2011, in Tokyo, December 2011, in Washington, D.C.):
    Project 2049 Institute will select six American participants of the Leadership Program to take a study trip to Japan and assemble a counterpart group of seven Japanese policy experts to hold a U.S.-Japan Joint Workshop in Tokyo in August 2011 under the theme of “Asia and the World.” A reciprocal visit and joint workshop will be held in Washington, D.C. in December 2011, where Japanese participants will visit Washington, D.C. In addition, a public conference will be held on the topic of Japan's foreign policy and international role. These series of activities are intended to identify and clarify future issues and objectives for Japanese foreign policy.
Project Details
Project Results