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Toward a Paradigm Shift for Innovation in a Globalizing Society

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Institute of Technology Management Strategy (Japan)
Year 1/2
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 18,859,688yen
Project Outline
This project will develop recommendations relating to technology strategies and scenarios for Japan, as well as the roles of industry, academia, and government, in order to contribute to our globalizing society by making the most of Japan's technological competencies.
Implementation Plan
The following activities will be implemented during the initial year of this two-year project. A practical working group will be established to carry out actual project work under a committee. It will be responsible for detailed activities such as discussions about issues and strategies relating to technological development.
  • Consideration of various issues relating to technological innovation
    Global perspectives relating to many issues of technological innovation will be summarized and compiled into a report, based on discussions at an international forum that was held in Tokyo in March 2011 as a part of preparatory research. Project members will hold discussions with experts based on perspectives articulated in the report, and will discuss issues and strategies for Japan relating to technological innovation. Surveys will also be conducted overseas with the objective of ascertaining the latest trends and issues relating to technological developments in Asia and elsewhere.
  • Research on policies and measures relating to technological innovation
    Work relating to the gathering of related literature and information, in-person interviews, and report preparation will be outsourced to the Institute of Technology Management Strategy (Japan), for the details and operational approaches of policies and measures to promote technological innovation.
  • Drafting of the report of recommendations
    Based on the results of activities 1 and 2 above, project members will consider world-class approaches for technological innovation, as well as the required roles of industry, academia, and governments, and will prepare a draft report of recommendations regarding technology strategies and scenarios for Japan.
  • Activities of the committee
    The committee will discuss strategies and operational policies of this project.
  • Budget for communications and activities of the Secretariat
    Committee members and others will be asked to cooperate with communication activities to raise awareness and communicate the outcomes of this project to the general public. The Secretariat will engage in meetings and in travel for effective implementation of the project as well as coordination with committee members and experts.
Project Results
This fiscal year, the project investigated cases of Japanese companies that were actively applying various technological innovations. As a result of analyzing these companies’ development strategies, some facts were revealed:
They were promoting concept-oriented development (the evolution of technology) rather than merely pursuing performance improvements (the deepening of technology) and feedback from markets was a key to proceeding with this concept-oriented development. Based on the successful elements of these analyses, recommendations concerning the roles of industry, academia, and government were developed.

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