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Policy Framework for Refugee Acceptance and the Role of Japan

Implementing Agency The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Year 1/3
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 7,639,341yen
Project Outline
This project, with the aim of considering the role of Japan and the orientation of refugee-related policies, will study programs and the actual status in countries that are actively accepting refugees, with the recognition that Japan's current assistance programs and arrangements to accept refugees are not yet on par with other countries.
Implementation Plan
During the initial year of this three-year project, the following activities will be carried out in cooperation with experts in Japan and overseas.
  • Basic surveys on refugee policies and program reforms in Japan and overseas (all year)
    Research meetings on refugee policies will be held (four times during the year), for discussions on the current situation and issues relating to Japan's refugee policies. Studies will be conducted on the situation in Japan as well as the experiences, rationales, and challenges facing governments of countries in Northern Europe, North America, and Australia, etc., that have decided to accept refugees or have instituted legislative reforms. Materials compiled will be used for consideration of Japan's own refugee assistance policies and legislation.
  • Seminars and workshops in Japan
    With the aim of raising awareness and promoting understanding about refugee assistance issues in Japan, public seminars will be held for government ministry, agency personnel, and researchers, as well as citizens' groups engaged in refugee support in the Tokyo metropolitan area and other parts of Japan, plus the general public, and media. Also invited will be experts from overseas and refugees who are now living in Japan. Coinciding with the seminars, workshops will also be organized to permit more detailed dialogue among interested parties.
  • Effective collaboration and efficient management of grant projects (all year)
    In order to achieve effective collaboration with the grant project, "Enhancing Collaboration for Refugees, monitoring and travel to meetings will be carried out.
Project Results
This fiscal year, critical agendas related to refugee acceptance were discussed through study group meetings and overseas surveys. In addition, we invited Dr. Melika Yassin Sheikh-Eldin and Mrs. Sein Nanthu Kunoo, experts in Australian refugee assistance policies and practices, to a seminar (october 30, 2011, Matsumoto), a roundtable discussion with stakeholders involved with refugee assistance (November 2, 2011 in Tokyo), and a symposium for the general public (November 4, 2011 at the Nippon Foundation Building).