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Infrastructure Development for the Promotion of Intercultural Nursing/Care

Implementing Agency Kyoto University Graduate School of Letters Department of Sociology (Japan) Year 2/2
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 9,300,000yen
Project Outline
Under this project, a multi-language guidebook will be created, covering the acceptance of foreign medical personnel and welfare workers into Japanese medical institutions. Through networks created by this initiative, information and experience on the employment of foreign workers will be shared with interested parties and persons, while workshops and other events will publicize the program.
Implementation Plan
The following activities will be implemented during the final year of this two-year project.
  • Activities of steering committee
    A steering committee will meet (four times) to edit the guidebook and coordinate the overall program.
    Committee members include (tentatively) Dr. Maria Reinaruth Desiderio Carlos (Professor, Ryukoku University), Dr. Yuko Hirano (Professor, Kyushu University), Dr. Hisako Nakai (University of Human Sciences, Osaka), and Dr. Yumi Shiga (Musashino University).
  • Practitioners' meetings to promote guidebook, and supplementary research (May 2011 to February 2012)
    Meetings will be held to discuss ways to promote the guidebook, as well as future networking. Personal interviews will be conducted about the uses of the guidebook.

    • Participants will include the following:
      Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Employment Security Bureau); Ms. Hamid (Nursing Association of Indonesia); Ms. DelaRosa (Philippine Nurses Association), Mr. Huong (Ministry of Health, Vietnam); institutions (in Japan) that accept foreign nurses and care workers; foreign nurses and care workers; steering committee members.
    • Locations in Japan:
      Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, and Kyushu regions
    • Period:
      May 2011 to February 2012 
  • Preparation of guidebook
    After final revisions and translation of its content, the guidebook will be published in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Indonesian ).
Project Results
In the final year of the project, in order to identify the challenges that prospective candidates may face, interviews were held with foreign workers as well as with nurse and care-worker EPA candidates.
The final outcome of the project was the completion of all case studies and reference material collection for the guidebook, which gives advice about providing care in a multicultural society.
The guidebook was published in Japanese, English, Chinese and Indonesian.