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Alliance for Disaster Assistance in the Asia-Pacific Region

Implementing Agency Civic Force (Japan) Year 2/3
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 11,500,000yen
Project Outline
With the aim of helping to reduce the damage caused by large-scale disasters, this project will promote a Japanese collaborative model for disaster assistance (a “Japan Platform” for timely and highly transparent assistance frameworks of collaboration among governments, corporations, and non-governmental organizations). A special emphasis will be given to the Asian region, which has witnessed a rising trend in the number of natural disasters in recent years.
Implementation Plan
In this, the second year of a three year project, the following activities will be carried out.
  • First international meeting (June 2011, Tokyo)
    The first international meeting will be held in Tokyo, with about 14 invited persons from industry organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations from Asian countries that have a keen interest in the platform concept .. The conference will hear reports from countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines where initiatives for the establishment of platforms at the national level have already begun, and will discuss the basic concepts and roadmap toward establishment of a collaborative regional platform. The plan is to hold an open forum, including persons from Japanese industry, government, and the public, and also a summit meeting among major related parties.
  • Support to establish the platform in Asian countries (all year)
    In order to support the establishment of a platform in Asian countries, Japan’s experience with operation of a platform will be shared on an ongoing basis. Also, depending on the state of progress and action plans of each country, local coordination meetings and technical support will also be carried out.
  • Research regarding disaster assistance frameworks in Japan (all year)
    Experiences and issues relating to existing initiatives (including the Japan Platform) will be summarized with regard to forms of collaboration among multiple actors when providing disaster assistance, and discussions will be held with corporations, governments, the armed forces (Japanese Self Defense Forces, US forces ), medical organizations, and so on. Findings will be used to share experiences with Asian countries and for building their own domestic platforms.
Project Results
This fiscal year, disaster assistance NGOs and business leaders were invited from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Taiwan to an international conference in Tokyo (September 29, 2011 at the united Nations university Building) to discuss effective ways to cooperate in disaster assistance.
An agreement was reached at this meeting to aim for the establishment of an Asia-Pacific Disaster Assistance Platform in fiscal 2012 to achieve more effective cross-border cooperation in disaster response.