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Forging People to People Solidarity in Peace Building in Southern Thailand and Mindanao

Implementing Agency Initiatives for International Dialogue: IID (Philippines) Year 2/3
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 7,343,900yen
Project Contents
With the aim of supporting the development of a resilient civil society in Southern Thailand and strengthening collaboration among civil societies in Southeast Asia, this project supports greater collaboration between non-governmental organizations in Southern Thailand and Mindanao in the Philippines.
Implementation Plan
In the second year of this three year project, the following activities will be carried out.
  • Internship program
    The internship program launched in the first year in Southern Thailand and Mindanao will be continued. Four persons will be sent from Southern Thailand to Mindanao for four months to share practical examples of peace building and have an opportunity to study English. Two persons will be sent from Mindanao to South Thailand for two months, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of local conditions.
  • Strengthening civil society in Southern Thailand, and supporting the activities of former interns
    The project will provide support for activities implemented by former interns who participated in the internship program during the first year of this project and have returned to Southern Thailand. Specifically, the focus will be on supporting their dialogue with local citizens’ organizations, and activities relating to the creation of a “Peace Agenda.”
  • Strengthening of the system of collaboration between civil societies in the Southeast Asian region
    The plan is to hold an international meeting in Bangkok in about July, inviting representatives from among Asia Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC) member organizations, citizens’ organizations engaged in peace-building activities in areas facing challenges similar to those in Southern Thailand (Mindanao, East Papua, Aceh,Timor Leste), and persons involved in civil society activities in Thailand.
Project Results
This fiscal year, two participants were invited to Southern Thailand from Mindanao and four participants from Southern Thailand to Mindanao as a part of the project’s efforts to create a foundation for civil society cooperation.

The two participants dispatched to Southern Thailand cooperated with local universities and NGOs and organized workshops and other initiatives on human rights, as well as case studies involving theories and examples of peace building initiatives. The four participants dispatched to Mindanao, in addition to studying English, studied the theory and had hands-on learning experience in human rights for peace and conflict resolution, at the same time. In September 2011, the project also hosted an international conference in the city of Hat Yai in Southern Thailand to create strategies for overcoming challenges in order to build frameworks for peace.