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Regular Efforts to Ensure Peace and Security in the International Community~Peace Building and Security Issues


Deep South Peace Media Network Development Project

Implementing Agency Deep South Watch (Thailand) Year 1/3
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 6,144,250yen
Project Contents
In the region called “Deep South” in Southern Thailand, people continue to suffer from the ethnic conflict between local Muslims, known as the “Pattani Malay”, and the Buddhists, who make up the majority of the population in Thailand. The region is home to a variety of alternative and community media that includes web sites and community radio. These media provide information on the current state of the conflict and provide channels for dialogue between different ethnic grops, however it has been pointed out that there is a need for stronger cooperation between media outlets and for the improvement in the quality of the reporting. In this project, support will be provided for 28 groups of the alternative/community media in Southern Thailand to form a 'Peace Media Network', with the aim of creating integrated network-wide strategies for conflict resolution and raising the quality of news reporting.
Implementation Plan
In the first year of the three-year project, the following activities will be carried out.
  • Regular meetings for formulation of conflict resolution strategies:
    Media representatives from the 28 members of the network will meet once every two months to analyze the status of the conflict and discuss strategies for conflict resolution.
  • Media Development Fund (Preparation for establishment of the Small Grants Scheme)
    With the aim of starting from the second project year a small grant scheme to support capacity building activities for network members, various preparatory activities will be carried out, including formulation of guidelines, and consideration of the selection/screening system.
  • Photojournalist Project Phase 1 (July-October 2010)
    With the objective of forming networks between and raising the capacity of photo journalists from Southern Thailand, the following activities will be carried out: (1) Two workshop planning meetings, (2) Six workshops, and (3) Development of a Web site (www.wewatch.in.th).
  • Photojournalist Project Phase 2 (November 2010-March 2011)
    With the objective of deepening the understanding of the effectiveness of photo media and further raising the capacity of workshop participants, the following activities will be carried out: (1) Two exhibition planning meetings, (2) Seven exhibitions, in South Thailand, Bangkok, and three locations outside South Thailand, and, (3) Further development of the Web site and printing of photograph collections. Two manuals on photojournalism will be published in the course of the project.
Program Results
 Meeting of groups participating in the network

Meeting of groups participating in the network

The project aims to devise common strategies for conflict resolution and enhancing the quality of media coverage in Southern Thailand under the conflict between the majority Buddhist population and the local Muslims, known as "Pattani Malay," in Southern Thailand. This year, three regularly-scheduled meetings were held between groups participating in the network, and in-depth discussions were held about the role of the media. When floods ravaged Southern Thailand at the end of October 2010, network participants conveyed pertinent information and operated a coordination center between the affected area and outside NGOs and academics providing assistance.