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Regular 1~II.


Japan-US Opinion Leader Exchange Program Ⅳ

Implementing Agency

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Year 1/3
Project classification Self-OperatedGrantCommissionedOthers Year project budget implementation 120,000,000yen

Project Outline

Research and Information dissemination

This work includes various activities, such as 1 research and analysis regarding the current political, diplomatic, and social environment of the United States, 2 policy recommendation project on Asia strategy of the Japan–U.S. alliance, 3 comparative studies on the relationships of various U.S. allies and partners with the United States, and 4 information dissemination and publication aimed at deepening mutual understanding and strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

People-to-people exchange

Seeking to contribute toward creating a diverse and strong network of interpersonal relationships among influential opinion leaders from Japan and the United States, this project takes a two-way approach, inviting American opinion leaders to Japan and sending Japanese opinion leaders to the United States. It also aims to foster broader cooperation, deepen mutual understanding, and build new and broader networks between the two countries. In addition, we conduct congressional exchanges in collaboration with the SPF-USA and other U.S. organizations, enhancing networking and relationships of trust among policymakers and lawmakers from the two countries.