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[Press Release] "Joint Committee on the Future of the U.S.-Japan Alliance  Presents the Final Findings"

January 15, 2016

Cancellation Notice (January 22, 2016)

This press conference is cancelled. For more details click here.

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, in cooperation with organizations including the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), established the Joint Committee on the Future of the U.S.-Japan Alliance in 2013. The Committee was formed to in response to the various threats to security across the Asia-Pacific region, and to discuss the strategic direction of the Japan-U.S. alliance, with the aim of delivering a message to the citizens of both countries. The January 27th press conference will present a summary of the final findings of the discussions.

Following that will be a question and answer session.
The final findings will cover the strategic environment through 2030 (China, Korean Peninsula, Southeast Asia, Russia and the Arctic, Australia, India and Europe), threats and issues that the Alliance should cope with (terrorism, cyber, space, climate change, environment and energy) and recommendations to the governments.

【Time】 Wednesday 27 th January, 2016 15:00 ~16:00
【Open】 14:30~
【Venue】 Hotel Okura Tokyo: Kensington Terrace 12F, South Wing
Toranomon 2-10-4, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
【Languages】 English, Japanese (Simultaneous translation)
*Japanese syllabary order
Richard Armitage / Armitage International, President
Michael Green / CSIS, SVP for Asia and Japan Chair
John Hamre / CSIS, President and CEO
Aaron Freidberg / Princeton Univ., Professor
Dennis C. Blair / Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, Chairman
Ryouichi Oriki / Former Chief of Staff, Joint Staff
Ryozo Kato / Former Ambassador to the United States
Koji Tanami / The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Advisor
Masashi Nishihara / Research Institute for Peace and Security, President
Jiro Hanyu / Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Chairman
Noboru Yamaguchi / Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Advisor
【Registartion】 Please registrer for this press conference from this form by 17:00 on January 26.

*The committee is composed of Professor Joseph S. Nye (Harvard Kennedy School of Government) and Mr. Yukio Okamoto (Founder and President of Okamoto Associates, Inc.) as well as the speakers above. Unfortunately, they are not able to attend the press conference.

Mr. Tamakoshi and Ms. Nakahara
The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
TEL/FAX: 03-5157-5372/ FAX -5420

Project Name
Research Project on Future Japan-U.S. Security Cooperation

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