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[Press Release] The Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Impact Economy launch the Japanese edition of the "Making Impact Investible" report

April 30, 2014

Tokyo and Lausanne/Switzerland, April 30, 2014. The Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Impact Economy announced today the launch of the Japanese edition of the "Making Impact Investible" report. The report gets over the hype surrounding impact investing and provides recommendations for scaling up the industry; a primer that built off of the research conducted for the report was circulated to the delegates of the 2013 G8 Social Investment Forum.

The Japanese edition aims to inform and encourage the Japanese financial industry, policymakers, business leaders and civil society to examine the lessons that have been learned in the pursuit of linking impact to enable capital formation, business opportunities and new jobs, social inclusion and effective operational implementation in Japan and elsewhere.

"Impact investing, or the simultaneous and intentional creation of economic and social and environmental value, in and by all sectors of the economy and society, is quite possibly the biggest innovation opportunity in finance for at least a generation. It is closely connected to the next wave of transformation that is hitting our global
economy," said Dr. Maximilian Martin, the author of the report and founder of Impact Economy. "Similar to other advanced economies, achieving long-term competitiveness and sustainability in Japan will require more efficient ways to fund solutions to social and environmental challenges going forward, as well as corresponding financial instruments and strategies for enhancing the total resource productivity of business," said Dr. Martin.

The report outlines four trends shaping the demand for impact investment:

1. Massive pent-up demand at the base of the pyramid;
2. The need for radical resource efficiency and green growth;
3. The end of the welfare state as we know it and public service reform; and
4. The rise of virtuous consumers.

"We believe that the report will contribute to building awareness and that it will initiate discussion surrounding impact investing in Japan," said Ms. Junko Chano, the Executive Director of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.
"I believe that social financing has great potential to help our country address many challenges and opportunities we face, which would otherwise be difficult to address using conventional approaches," said Ms. Chano.

The report also discusses how all actors involved―from foundations to angel investors, and financial service institutions―can contribute to and benefit from the growing impact investing industry. Necessary conditions for a functioning impact capital market include investors, investees and intermediaries, a generally competitive social sector, and an enabling policy and regulatory environment.

For the full publication please follow this link.

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) is a foundation headquartered in Tokyo,
Japan. As a public interest foundation, it supports and implements activities that promote international interaction, cooperation, and understanding, thereby aiming to contribute to the welfare of humanity and the development of sound international community.

Impact Economy is a global impact investing and strategy firm headquartered in Switzerland, with overseas operations in North and South America. Our teams on three continents provide strategy advisory, investment services and corresponding research to companies and professional investors.

Contacts: Mari KOGISO, Mayumi KATO
Email: spfpr@spf.or.jp

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