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On Feb 23, International Conference “The Security of Indian Ocean”
(February 23, 2018, Friday)


The Sasakawa Peace Foundation is going to host the international conference on “Security of Indian Ocean” in cooperation with Vivekananda International Foundation (India), Australia National University, and Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA.

The sea lanes in the Indian Ocean are a common interest and collective property of critical importance in today’s world. However, only a few countries in the region are politically stable and there is no firmly established regional framework in the region equivalent to the ASEAN. Under these circumstances, many countries are approaching to the sea lanes and the surrounding countries, seeking to have greater influence or to gain economic benefits. Those approaches are likely to affect the security environment in the region.

To deal with such situation, SPF has cooperated with partner institutions of US, Australia and India and investigated the possibility and the way to stabilize the region through cooperation among major democracies. This conference is a valuable opportunity to learn about the challenges to the region and the agendas for Japan. We hope you will join us at what promises to be a highly informative event.
On Feb 23, International Conference “The Security of Indian Ocean”
Dates & Time
17:00 - 18:45 February 23, 2018, Friday(Registration starts at 16:30)

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Bldg.
1-15-16 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8524,Japan(MAP
11th Floor

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
International Conference “The Security of Indian Ocean”
17:00-17:05 Opening Remarks:
Mr. Nobuo Tanaka, Chairman, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
17:05-17:50 Session 1: China and Indian Ocenas
Chair: Mr. Nobuo Tanaka(SPF)
Amb. Kanwal Sibal(Vivekananda International Foundation)
(1) Capability in Indian Ocean: Adm. Michael MacDevitt(Senior Researcher, CAN)
(2) Chinese Strategy in Indian Ocean: Dr. David Brewster(Senior Fellow, Australia National Univ.)
17:50-18:35 Session 2: Regional Security
Chair: Adm. Dennis Blair(Chairman, Sasakawa Peace Foundation-USA)
Prof. Rory Medcalf(Head of College, National Security College, ANU)
(1) The Role of Great Powers in Indian Ocean: Capt. Takuya Shimodaira(National Institute for Defence Studies)
(2) Regional cooperation in Indian Ocean: Dr. Vijay Sakhuja(Visiting Professor, Gujarat National Law University & Visiting Fellow, Nanyang Technological University)
18:35-18:45 Closing Remarks:Mr. Nobuo Tanaka(SPF)
Prof. Rory Medcalf(ANU)
Amb. Kanwal Sibal(VIF)
Adm. Denis Blair(Sasakawa Peace Foundation-USA)
English/Japanese with simultaneous interpretation
Admission free. Please note that registration will close as soon as the number of participants reaches the maximum (200 people). The registration remains open until the Foundation announces that the registration is full.
Should you wish to participate, please fill out the application form from this page by 12:00 on Thursday February 22, 2018.


Ms. Konda & Ms. Ohi, International Peace and Security Department, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Tel 03-5157-5209