Research Study:The World's Changing Maritime Industry and a Vision for Japan


Ocean Policy Research Foundation (OPRF) is carrying out its "Research Study: The World's Changing Maritime Industry and a Vision for Japan," to set targets for how Japan might best develop its ocean and maritime industries with the 2050 targets being global warming, population, and energy, all areas requiring decades-long perspectives. Research will center on global maritime transport but will also include the development of marine energy resources. After positing the likely development of global maritime activities, a Vision model of sustainable maritime activities for Japan will be set forth.

The present report indicates trends and underlying factors for change in international maritime activities until 2050. Based on future predictions and expert interviews, we hope in the following year to lay out the basic factors and concrete content of the Vision model as well as its time schedule.

Mr. Hiroyuki NISHIDA
Maritime Technology Department
Ocean Policy Research Foundation

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