The International Eelgrass and Blue Carbon Workshop

Host: The organizing committee for the Amamo 2023
Co-hosts (incl. TBC): Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan Blue Economy Association, Amamo Revival Collaboration in Kanazawa-Hakkei Tokyo Bay Area, Seven-Eleven Foundation, Association for Shore Environment Creation, and more (Secretariat:

We will hold an international workshop to accelerate efforts to conserve and restore blue carbon ecosystems in Japan and around the world. Efforts to revitalize eelgrass beds with citizen participation and diversity have begun in earnest. We will summarize our activities since the 2000s, strengthen our network with many people, and widely disseminate information to society. We will provide a hybrid of face-to-face and online forums for presentations and exchanges of opinions from internationally active researchers and practitioners as well as various domestic stakeholders. Please come and join us.
*The time and contents of the program are subject to change.

Regarding registration

In-person registration is now closed due to reaching maximum capacity. To view this workshop online, please refer to the YouTube livestream links included in the page below. *After clicking the link above, an external page will appear.
Association for Shore Environment Creation/MAcS Co.,Ltd. (Furukawa, Hirata, Mukai)
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17 November 2023
15:00-15:15 JST Opening: Greetings from the organizer, explanation of purpose, introduction of guests
Dr. Atsushi WATANABE, Senior Fellow, Ocean Policy Research Institute, Sasakawa Peace Foundation / Board Member, Japan Blue Economy Association

Prof. Hajime SHIOTA, Representative of Amamo Revival Collaboration in Kanazawa-Hakkei, Tokyo Bay Area
Dr. Keita FURUKAWA, President of Association for Shore Environment Creation
15:20-17:00 JST
Moderator: Keita FURUKAWA (ASEC)
Keynote speech
D.Prof. Carlos DUARTE, Distinguished Professor, Marine Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Development and Prospects of BC Business in East Asian Seas Ms. Aimee GONZALES, Executive Director of the PEMSEA resource facility Characterizing Japan's trends in blue carbon research, policy, and implementation Dr. Tomohiro KUWAE, Director of Coastal Environment Research Area, Port and Airport Research Institute. President, Japan Blue Economy Association   Current Status of Science Communication about Blue Carbon in Japan Dr. Atsushi WATANABE, Senior Fellow, Ocean Policy Research Institute, Sasakawa Peace Foundation / Board Member, Japan Blue Economy Association
17:00-17:45 JST
Moderator: Dr. Masakazu HORI (Fisheries Research and Education Agency)
Panel discussion: The current state of the world and what to expect from this symposium

D. Prof. Carlos DUARTE
Dr. Tomohiro KUWAE
Dr. Atsushi WATANABE
17:45-17:50 JST Today's summary, other businesses
Amamo2023 Executive Committee Secretariat
18 November 2023
9:30-9:40 JST 2nd day opening, re-cap of the first day
Amamo2023 Executive Committee Secretariat
9:45-11:15 JST
Facilitator: Keita FURUKAWA (ASEC)
Keynote speech
Practices for quantitative estimation of Blue carbon of seagrass and macroalgal ecosystems in Japan Dr. Masakazu HORI, National Research and Development Agency, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency, Research Institute of Fisheries Resources, Department of Social and Ecological Systems, Coastal Ecosystem Warm Current Group ANEMONE - Japan's eDNA-based monitoring network of biodiversity Prof. Michio KONDO, Professor, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University, President of ANEMONE Local efforts on conservation and restoration of BC ecosystems in the Philippines Prof. Yasmin H. Primavera TIROL, Aklan State University, Philippine, Blue CARES, Local BC strategies Biological adaptation to global warming (using the Red Sea as an example) Prof. Susana AGUSTI, Professor, Faculty of Marine Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
11:30-12:30 JST
Moderator: Masanori KOBAYASHI (OPRI-SPF)
Session 1: Forefront of Practice 1 (Involvement of Fishermen and Companies)

Fishermen/regional cooperation Mr. Tomokazu KAWABATA, Chairman JF National Fisheries Cooperative Youth Division, “Changes in awareness among young Japanese fishermen”
Mr. Tatsumi AMAKURA, Hinase Fisheries Coop. “35 years challenge of eelgrass beds restoration at Hinase, Okayama, Japan”
Prof. Hajime SHIOTA, Representative of Amamo Revival 2 Collaboration in Kanazawa-Hakkei, “Restoration of eelgrass beds by collaborations of various sectors”
Mr. Tsutomu ISE, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, “Efforts of the Tokyo Bay UMI Project”
Ms. Haruka SHIMURA, Maruha Nichiro Corporation, “Activities of the Tokyo Bay UMI Project in the Maruha Nichiro Group”
Mr. Hitoshi MORINAGA, Seven-Eleven Foundation, “The future vision of Seven-Eleven Foundation”
12:30-14:00 JST Lunch break
14:00-15:30 JST Session 2: Forefront of Practice 2 (Citizens and Youth Engagement)
Activities led by citizens and young people Mr. Seiichi TAKEUCHI, Tateyama・Umibeno Kanteidan, “Activities in Tateyama” Nishi Tottori Elementary School, Hannan City, “Sea of Hannan”   From the high school summit to regenerate the nature of the beach Okayama Gakugeikan High School, “Eelgrass Soy Sauce: from Once Overlooked Seaweed to Essential Ingredient”
Jyoto High School, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, “Eelgrass transplantation in Hakata Bay with our original method ~Protecting the ocean environment by doing what we can do~”
Kumamoto Prefectural Ashikita High School, “The Relationship Between Forests and Oceans~21 Years of Restoring Eelgrass in the Sea off”
Kansai University Hokuyo Senior High School, “The ocean is linked all over the world”
16:00-17:00 JST
Moderator: Mr. Taichi MASU (Doshisha University Harris Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Session 3: Forefront of Practice 3 (Science Communication)

Information transfer in science communication
Mr. Kotaro OGAMI, Representative Director of Fukuoka FUN “Fukuoka's Seas through the Lens ~Exploring from Beneath the Wave~”
Ms. Sayaka TAMAURA, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, “To increase youth participation in seaside environmental activities”
Ms. Ayane SENOUE, Elementary school student, Tokyo “It's difficult but important, and I want to pass it on to children just like me”
Sidney ANDERSON, COAST Card Science Communicator, “Science Communication in the COAST Card Project”
17:00-17:15 JST
Today's summary, housekeeping announcement 
Amamo2023 Executive Committee Secretariat
19 November 2023
9:30-9:35 JST 3rd day opening, retrospective up to the previous day, administrative contact
Amamo2023 Executive Committee Secretariat
9:40-10:40 JST
Facilitator: Keita FURUKAWA (ASEC)
Keynote speech

Conservation strategies for coastal ecosystems
Dr. Kazuo NADAOKA, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Tech, Principal Investigator of the Japan team of the COAST Card Project, Belmont forum COAST Card overview: Social transformation for building sustainable coastal areas Prof. William C. DEISON, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES), Principal Investigator of International Consortium of the COAST Card Project, Belmont forum
11:00-12:00 JST
Moderator: Prof. Midori KAWABE (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Session 4: Forefront of practice 4 (Practice in each country)

Participation of Diverse Stakeholders for Social Change

U.S.A. Chesapeake Bay
Manila Bay, Philippines
Goa Coast, India
Japan, Tokyo Bay/Ishigaki Is. & Sekisei Lagoon
System dynamics model
12:00-13:00 JST
Lunch break
13:30-15:30 JST
Moderator: COAST Card Team
Workshop: Dialogue with the World
Break-out groups will be set for speakers and participants in a round table to join participatory games and discussions.
15:30-16:00 JST Conclusion/Closing: Towards future conservation and restoration of eelgrass beds and BC ecosystems
COAST Card team
Amamo2023 Executive Committee Secretariat

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