Orchestrating impact: the promise of Angel Investment Networks to support impact enterprises in Southeast Asia

June 12, 2020
Tokyo, Japan — On June 12, 2020, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) in partnership with the Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN) launched The Emergence of Angel Investment Networks in Southeast Asia, a three-part report series outlining the landscape of Angel Investment Networks in Southeast Asia and exploring the challenges and opportunities for angel investments in the region. This first-of-its-kind report was launched during the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Virtual Conference 2020.

The report can be downloaded from the SPF website:
Southeast Asia has become one of the fastest growing markets over the last decade, attracting many talented entrepreneurs to start new businesses in the region. However, numerous studies indicate that impact entrepreneurs and women-centered businesses experience greater challenges in growth due to insufficient access to financial and technical support. Angel investors play a critical role in expanding the pipeline of investible businesses by providing early stage ventures with essential resources, including capital to bridge the funding gap, and by sharing their expertise and networks to unlock business opportunities that facilitate growth.

In conjunction with the steady rise in the number of angel investors in the region, the practice of angel investing has also been increasingly structured through the establishment of Angel Investment Networks. The proliferation of Angel Investment Networks has led to more coordinated efforts to streamline angel investments, often resulting in larger investments into early stage ventures, demonstrating the important catalytic role angel investments play in the early stage investment landscape.

The first report of the series, A Good Practice Guide to Effective Angel Investing, focuses on the development and current landscape of Angel Investment Networks in Southeast Asia and provides an overview of the functions, taxonomy, and challenges facing Angel Networks in the region. Based on interviews with expert practitioners, this report also provides advice for managers and members of Angel Investment Networks to explore mechanisms to achieve financial sustainability, implement operational improvements, and pursue collaborations with other ecosystem players including entrepreneurs, government, intermediaries, and other investors.

The second report, A Spotlight on Gender Lens Investing (GLI), examines how GLI is being applied by Angel Investment Networks in Southeast Asia and provides insights into the opportunities and challenges for hybrid GLI-Angel Investments.

The third report, Country Profiles of Angel Investment Networks in Southeast Asia, takes an in-depth look at the early-stage and angel investment landscape of countries across Southeast Asia, highlighting key Angel Investment Network players, outlining policies that support angel investments, and laying out a range of opportunities, challenges, and recommendations to foster an environment for Angel Investments Networks to thrive.

The final two reports will be released on July 10, 2020.*

For prospective angel investors interested in learning about good practices for angel investing, in addition to the report, ANGIN and SPF will be launching Angel Masterclass, the first online course for Angel Investing in Southeast Asia, where you can learn from more than 40 regional experts and industry veterans to get regionally-tailored practical insights. The Angel Masterclass platform can be accessed through https://angel-masterclass.com

Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF): SPF is a Japanese private foundation established in 1986 to enhance international cooperation. SPF has set its focus on five priority goals from a mid- to long-term perspective: (1) further strengthening the Japan–U.S. relationship, (2) expanding Japan's presence in Asia, (3) enhancing understanding of and relationships with countries in the Middle East, (4) establishing ocean governance, and (5) empowering women to achieve gender equality in society.

In 2017, SPF announced the formation of the Asia Women Impact Fund, which aims to invest up to 100 million USD from its endowment to work toward a future where all women in Asia are empowered to reach their full potential. The fund aims to realize this vision by making investments to achieve favorable outcomes for women across Asia and to support women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit https://www.spf.org/en/

Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN): ANGIN is the first structured angel investment network in Indonesia, operating since 2014. Initiated as an Angel Women Fund, ANGIN has grown today as the largest early stage investment platform serving high-net-worth individuals in Indonesia but also institutions committed to invest in Indonesian entrepreneurs. In 2016, ANGIN developed its advisory services to support clients to better understand the key challenges and opportunities of the entrepreneurial and impact market in Indonesia. Some clients include UN Women, SPF, OXFAM, UNDP and Ford Foundation.

Please direct all inquiries to:
Media Relations Division, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Email: spfpr@spf.or.jp

*Note: The publication date for the final two reports has been updated.

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