Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Education

Actions taken by 5 Collaborating Universities in Shikoku

Project on Forming the Platform of Knowledge

On May 13, 2013, an agreement concerning the collaborative implementation of the "Project on Forming the Platform of Knowledge by 5 Collaborating Universities in Shikoku" - a collaborative project involving 5 national universities in Shikoku, including Kochi University - was formed at a signing ceremony held at Ehime University. In the future, they are going to work together beyond the confines of individual universities, on such aspects as holding common AO entrance examinations, promoting the utilization of e-Learning education at the universities, and strengthening industry-academia-government collaboration.
Participating institutions are, in alphabetical order: Ehime University, Kagawa University, Kochi University, Naruto University of Education and Tokushima University.

Concept of Integrated Coastal Management Education

The necessary knowledge, technologies and ideologies to perform Comprehensive Ocean Management and to continually reap its benefits are highly diverse, and it is unlikely that an individual university can cover all the areas single-handedly. Also, it is an extremely important mission to train teaching personnel who can provide primary/secondary education that arouses interest in the ocean in pupils who will assume the leading roles of the next generation, as well as university students.

As shown below, individually distinctive education concerning the ocean is provided at each of these universities in Shikoku. If the above 4 universities and Naruto University of Education cooperate to carry out the curricula offered at each participating university in an integrated and complimentary manner, and if they succeed in incorporating characteristics of each university, we believe that it is possible to offer an innovative and epoch-making ICOM (Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management) education to cultivate students who possess multifaceted and comprehensive perspectives by utilizing the advantage of scale made possible by the 5 universities.

Concept of Comprehensive Ocean Management Education by 5 Collaborating Universities in Shikoku


Actions by Universities and Local Governments