Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Education

Actions taken by Iwate University

Organization of Revitalization for the Sanriku (North-Eastern Tohoku) region

The "Iwate University Headquarters for the Promotion of Sanriku Region Recovery", set up after the Great East Japan Earthquake to facilitate the speedy recovery and reconstruction support of Iwate Prefecture, was expansively reorganized into the "Iwate University Organization for the Promotion of Sanriku Region Reconstruction" as of April 2012.

The organization consists of the following 6 divisions: educational support, livelihood support, recovery of fisheries, recovery of manufacturing industries, recovery of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry industries, and research on regional disaster prevention education. It encompasses the Kamaishi Satellite, opened in May 2013, and the Extension Centers in Kuji and Miyako. Around 200 educational personnel are staffed.

We are working on the concept of a collaborative graduate school as a further development from the Iwate University Sanriku Fisheries Research Center, which is a collaborative fishery research base of three universities; Iwate University, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, and Kitasato University.

Actions by Universities and Local Governments