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No.379 May 20, 2016

Evolution of Seaweed Farming in Tanzania: Achievements and Challenges Associated with Climate Change

Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam
Flower E. MSUYA
Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam

Seaweed started to gain economic importance in Tanzania as early as the 1930s, but in recent years seaweed cultivators' income has become unstable due to climate change. In Zanzibar today, the Seaweed Cluster Initiative provides a platform to increase seaweed production through cooperation among academia (university and research institutions), the government, and business (seaweed farmers and buyers).

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Challenges in India's Logistics Systems of Japanese Car Manufacturers

Toshinori NEMOTO
Professor, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University

India's economy continues to grow and its automobile market is expanding. However, the lack of development in logistics infrastructure, including international container ports, freight railways, and expressways, makes it difficult for Japanese car manufacturers to establish efficient logistics for parts procurement. This article introduces the challenges in India's logistics systems encountered on a visit to local Japanese car manufacturers.

The Rebirth after 50 Years of a Swimming Beach on Inner Tokyo Bay

President, Action Committee for Thinking about Our Hometown of Tokyo (authorized NPO)

In the summer of 2012, the signs posted at Tokyo Sea Life Park were changed from "swimming prohibited" to "unauthorized swimming prohibited," marking 35 years since we began taking action to revive a swimming beach on inner Tokyo Bay. The revival of swimming in inner Tokyo Bay means the revival of the bay itself, which bodes well for restoring its vitality and its fishing industry.
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