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No.365 October 20, 2015

Panama Canal: Moving towards completion and opening of new business opportunities

Ritter DIAZ
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Republic of Panama in Japan

In order to mark the 100th anniversary of its opening as well as to meet the needs of a new era, the Panama Canal is in the final stages of constructing new locks and expanding the width of the canal to allow the passage of much larger ships. The new canal will also make possible the shipping of LNG. Panama is working hard to provide the maritime services necessary to meet the energy demands of Japan and other Asian countries.

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A New Challenge by the City of Himi, a Leader in Fishing Village Culture ~Creating Community Development through the Himi Fishery Network Gallery: Totoza~

Mayor, City of Himi, Toyama Prefecture

Located at the base of the Noto Peninsula, Himi City faces Toyama Bay and has inherited a long history of fishing village culture. The newly opened Himi Fishery Network Gallery "Totoza" is a community center that aims to pass on fishing village culture, such as the now world-famous Etchu-style fixed net techniques, as well as bring attention to Himi's unseen social capital and the ties among local residents.
Selected Papers No.20

On Marine Sports and Weather Forecasting

Michio KATO
President, Surflegend Inc.

Anyone who has been involved with marine sports over a long period of time has undoubtedly, more than once, been affected by sudden changes in weather that resulted in a completely unexpected, and frightening experience. Using the latest marine weather forecasting technology, we aim to prevent accidents from happening by turning "unexpected" events into "expected" ones. In order to increase safety and the "peace of mind" aspects of marine sports, I would like to introduce applications of pinpoint ocean forecasting, with the ambition that it leads to advancement, no matter how small, in the development of healthy marine sports.