The Need to Regulate Fishermen in the Meiji Era

There is no clear information on industry, particularly fishing, in the Senkaku Islands before the Meiji era (1868-1912). However, in Okinawa Prefecture's 1893 petition to the Japanese government's Home Ministry concerning the construction of sovereignty markers (see 1. Sovereignty: Legal and Historical Aspects), regulation of fishermen was given as the main reason for the request. (Ref. 1)


The Senkaku Islands are located on the edge of a huge continental shelf, and as the Kuroshio warm current passes through this area, the conditions are right for rich fishing grounds (see 3. Marine and Climate Science). There has been a flourishing fishing industry since the Meiji era. Research results also demonstrate that fishing activities were conducted before full-scale development by fishermen sent by Koga Tatsushiro began in 1897. (Ref. 2; related information)




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