December 26, 1969

Prior Notification and Lease of Kuba Island to Be Used as US Military Bombardment and Shooting Target

Before using Kuba Island and Taisho Island for military exercises, the US government sent a "Local Notice" including details about dates and locations of exercises to the head of the Yaeyama authorities, through the head of the Government of the Ryukyu Islands Agriculture and Forestry Office. There are notices to the head of the Yaeyama authorities from the head of the Agriculture and Forestry Office dated December 26, 1969 (Nosei notice 160), and April 4, 1970 (Nosei notice 18). (Ref. 1)

Represented by the Government of the Ryukyu Islands, the US government entered into a lease (Basic Lease, GRI Nr. 183-1) for Kuba Island with the owner, Koga Zenji, on July 1, 1958. (Ref. 2)

Under this lease, the US government initially paid Koga $5,763, and from 1963 $10,576 in land use fees.
(See Fixed Property Taxes and Taxation of Usage Fees for Military Firing Range.)




Ref.1 :"Kubashima de no Beigun bakugeki enshu tsuchi" (Notice of US Military Bombing Exercises on Kuba Island) (Nosei notices 160 and 18). Copies in OPRF Center for Island Studies.

Ref.2 :Basic Lease(1958.7.1 GRI Nr.183-1)
Copy in OPRF Center for Island Studies.


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