1904 and 1907

Visits to the Senkaku Islands by Government Officials

At different times in 1904, Okinawa Prefecture official Kishimoto Gasho, Yaeyama Islands clerk Nakajima Kenjiro, and the Yaeyama Islands police chief inspector Miyahara Keimei visited the Senkaku Islands one by one. In September 1907, the Okinawa government technician Oyama Yukichi visited, and in October 1907, the Yaeyama Islands police chief Uchida Sukematsu, police chief inspector Haruta Ko, and one other official made an inspection. This is recorded in the materials prepared at the time that Koga Tatsushiro was awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor. (Ref. 1)




Ref.1 :"Nihon teikoku hosho no ki: Koga Tatsushiro e ranju hosho kashi no ken" (Record of Medals Awarded by Imperial Japan: Award of Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor to Koga Tatsushiro), in Kobun zassan (Miscellaneous Official Records) Naikaku 4 (1909), National Archives of Japan.


Reference Materials
"Senkaku Retto dai 2 shu" (The Senkaku Islands Second Feature), in Kikan Okinawa (Okinawa Quarterly) 63 (December 31, 1972), pp. 138-157. Kikan Okinawa is the journal of Nanpo Doho Engokai (Assistance Association for Okinawa and Ogasawara Islands).