January 12 and 14, 1895

Decision to Incorporate the Senkaku Islands Into Japanese Territory (Cabinet Decision to Construct Sovereignty Markers)

On January 12, 1895, Home Minister Nomura Yasushi requested Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi to hold a cabinet meeting (Hibetsu (Secret Document Annex) 133). On January 14, 1895, the cabinet decided that there was a need to incorporate Uotsuri Island and Kuba Island into Okinawa Prefecture to regulate fishing activities and approved the petition to construct sovereignty markers from the governor of Okinawa (Annex). Accordingly, Uotsuri Island and Kuba Island were brought under Okinawa prefectural jurisdiction. (Ref. 1)




Ref.1 :"Hyoko kensetsu ni kansuru ken" (Regarding Construction of Markers), Hibetsu (Secret Document Annex) 133: ministerial kao (signature); and besshi (annex): "Okinawa-ken ka Yaeyama gunto no hokusei ni kurai suru Kubashima, Uotsurishima e hyoko o kensetsu" (Construction of Markers on Kuba Island and Uotsuri Island, Located Northwest of the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture), in Kobun ruishu (Various Official Records) 19, vol. 2 (1895), National Archives of Japan.


Reference Materials
"Senkaku Retto" (The Senkaku Islands), in Kikan Okinawa (Okinawa Quarterly) 56 (March 25, 1971), p.112. Kikan Okinawa is the journal of Nanpo Doho Engokai (Assistance Association for Okinawa and Ogasawara Islands).