From 1859

Oshiro Eiho Lands on the Senkaku Islands

From 1859 Oshiro Eiho, a Misato forest manager, landed at Uotsuri Island, Kobisho (Kuba Island), and Sekibisho (Taisho Island) on his way back from China, conducting surveys of the topography and plant and bird life of the three islands. This is recorded in a report by Ishizawa Heigo, a fifth rank councilor, based on questioning of Oshiro that was presented to Okinawa Prefectural Governor Nishimura Sutezo on September 21, 1885.




Ref.1 :"Kumeakashima, Kubashima, Uotsurishima santo torishirabesho" (Report on the Three Islands of Kumeakashima Island, Kuba Island, and Uotsuri Island), in Teikoku hanto kankei zakken (Miscellaneous Matters Related to Imperial Territory) 1-4-1-7, from the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


Reference Materials
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